Camp Live: Season One is the first season of Camp Live. This season contained twenty players (along with a debuter), originally split up into four teams of five. Touch-Tone Telephone is the winner of the season.

Elimination Table Edit

Contestant Eliminated


Voting Ratio


Peanut Red Raiders 4-1 21st
Potted Plant Yellow Yellers 4-1 20th
Green Ornament Red Raiders 2-2 tie; 2-0 re-vote 19th
Shield Juice Red Raiders 3-1 18th
Dead Pixel Blue Burglars 4-0 17th
Battery Yellow Yellers 4-0 16th
Glittery Yellow Yellers 2-2* 15th
TV Dinner Red Raiders 3-1 14th
Shades Blue Burglars 4-0 13th
Chalkboard Red Raiders 8-3 12th
Chips Green Giants 6-3-1* 11th
Mandarin Oranges Blue Burglars 4-4-1 tie; 4-3 re-vote 10th
Soassy Green Giants 5-4 9th
Lyre Blue Burglars Quit 8th
Dorito Sandwich Blue Burglars 4-4* 7th
Sharpie Green Giants 3-3 tie; 2-2 revote; 19-11-4-2 public vote 6th
Bouldery Yellow Yellers 3*-2 5th
Comet Green Giants 2-2 tie; 1-1 revote; lost tiebreaker challenge 4th
Cheese Snacks Yellow Yellers N/A 3rd
Ice Cream N/A 7-2 jury vote 2nd
Touch-Tone Telephone Green Giants 7-2 jury vote 1st

Trivia Edit

  • This season had eighty-two signup applications. Only twenty were accepted.
  • Nine male contestants, nine female contestants and two non-binary contestants competed in this season.
    • The highest placing male was the winner, Touch-Tone Telephone.
    • The highest placing female was the debuter, Ice Cream.
      • Comet is the highest placing non-debuting female.
    • The highest placing non-binary contestant was Cheese Snacks, who got third.
  • The contestant who received the most amount of votes was Sharpie, with twelve.
  • The contestant who received the least amount of votes was Cheese Snacks, with only one.
  • Everyone from the original Green Giants team made the merge.
  • Both of the contestants who start with a P were the first two eliminated due to Shades rejoining.
  • Everyone that made the final six won at least one individual immunity challenge.
    • Ice Cream and Touch-Tone are the only two contestants to win two challenges.